Some Amazing Facts about Carpet Cleaning Equipment

Some Amazing Facts about Carpet Cleaning Equipment

Carpet cleaning is a flourishing industry in most parts of the world and several commercial and residential companies are involved in the carpet cleaning business. Carpet cleaning requires the use of carpet cleaning equipment. There are three types of carpet cleaning equipment, which are truck mount extraction equipment, portable extraction equipment and residential extraction cleaners.

Brief History of Carpet Cleaning Equipment

Carpet cleaning equipment was said to have been invented in 1869 by Ives McGaffey, but back then, it was known as the ‘sweeping machine’. But soon thereafter, Hubert Cecil Booth invented a different carpet cleaning equipment in 1901 for which he even received a British patent. In 1907, James Murray Spangler invented a portable carpet cleaner, which he later sold to William H. Hoover and this same carpet cleaning equipment became famous as the Hoover carpet cleaning machine, which is a part of many households even today.

Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning

As previously mentioned, there are about three different types of equipment that can be used to clean carpets. The truck mount carpet cleaning equipment is a portable generator, which is motorized by a van or truck motor. These are tremendously mobile equipment as they are independently equipped with their own water and cleaning solutions. Needless to say, these are one of the most effective carpet cleaning equipment available today and are mostly used by professional carpet cleaning companies.

Portable Carpet Cleaning

As the name suggests, portable carpet cleaning equipment are basically small machines that are very lightweight and are easily maneuverable. Their lightweight feature makes them easy to carry around and they are essentially used for spot cleaning or touch-ups. This carpet cleaning equipment has the ability to heat water with the use of electricity and they are relatively cheaper in comparison to truck mount extraction equipment.

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Residential carpet cleaning equipment is more widely known as ‘Steam cleaners’. Brands like Hoover and Eureka are famous for manufacturing residential carpet cleaners. These machines do not possess the capacity to deep clean and are therefore, solely used for spot cleaning. These equipment are mostly used for household purposes like eradicating food or drink spills and are also extensively used by home owners who happen to have furry pets. They are disposable machines and are also quite lightweight. Additionally, they are also cost effective.

How to Know which Carpet Cleaning Equipment to Choose?

Although, the above mentioned equipment are all equally capable in cleaning carpets, the type of use would determine which machine to choose. If you own a commercial carpet cleaning company, then a truck mount carpet cleaning equipment should be your machine of choice. Portable carpet cleaning machine can be used both for commercial as well as household purposes. Residential carpet cleaner are specifically meant for household use.

Ever since carpet cleaning equipment was first invented in 1869, they have come a long way as far as today’s tech-savvy era is concerned. From Booth’s horse-drawn gas powered carpet cleaning equipment to today’s truck mount, portable and residential carpet cleaners, the carpet cleaning industry has certainly progressed immensely.