Carpet Cleaning San Diego

Carpet Cleaning San Diego

A floor covering, which is used to cover the floor leading to decoration and is made of thick woven fabric is known as carpet. Carpet cleaning is the process of removing stains, dirt, sand etc from the carpet for the beautification of the same. Carpets can be made of different fabrics like wool, silk, jute etc.

Carpets: Different Fabric

To know about how to clean a carpet, it is always required to know what the types of fabrics used in making one are. So, it would be easy to determine what chemicals and techniques to use for cleaning. There are a lot of carpet cleaning centers available in San Diego, which are experts in carpet cleaning San Diego. Before that, let us have a look at the different fabrics used for weaving carpet.
Wool – Wool is the most common material used in weaving a carpet. It is very much in demand as it is known to give rise to a fewer allergies. They have the longest durability.
Silk – It is a natural fiber. Silk carpets are expensive and have cotton base. But, these carpets require high and regular maintenance.
Jute- Jute carpets are cheap. They are more used as a rug. Jute carpets can be knitted, woven, sewn etc.
Synthetic-There are different synthetic materials for carpet. They are olefin, acrylic, nylon, polyester etc.
Carpets are made using the above types of fibers. Each of the fibers produces a distinct type of carpet. Therefore, we can classify carpets based on the fiber used. Some of them are given below.
They are Coir carpets, Jute carpets, Wool carpets, Silk carpets, Synthetic carpets and many more.

San Diego: The City

San Diego is a city in California. It is situated on the coast of Pacific Ocean. It is one of the finest cities of California. The current population of the city stands at 1,326,000 approximately.
Carpet Cleaning San Diego
There is a lot of carpet cleaning San Diego companies. Let us have a look at some of the top


1) Mex-USA- This Company provides carpet cleaning and house cleaning services. They also provide car washing and cleaning services.
2) Apex Southern California Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning- This Company provides premium carpet cleaning services. They use nature friendly materials for cleaning the carpet. They also clean organic carpets.
3) Servpro of Downey- They provide carpet cleaning services including carpets damaged by fire. They also specialize in restoring homes damaged by fire and smoke.
4) Cleaning services of San Diego- They provide carpet cleaning services at cheap rates.
5) Conder Carpet Cleaning- This company removes dust, odor and stains from the carpets.
6) Silver Olas carpet and Tile cleaning- This company specializes in using the four step cleaning process. It cleans stones, rugs and carpets.
Carpet Cleaning San Diego provides the best services of the carpets. The latest methods and techniques are used to clean the carpets without damaging them. The carpets are cleaned by the professionals, who are trained in the carpet cleaning process.